Intake and Assessment

Reovery Centers of Northern Virginia recognize that taking the first step towards getting help can be difficult and even uncomfortable for many people.  We want to assure you that all clients are treated with dignity and respect and in a non-judgmental and caring manner.  From the moment of first contact with a prospective client, all staff members adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and professional ethics.

How Do I Know If I Have a Problem?

If you think you may have a problem, someone has suggested you may have a problem, or you have had a legal, family, or job-related incident involving alcohol or other drugs, it is probably a good idea to meet with a substance abuse counselor to discuss your situation.  There are many online questionnaires  that can offer some insight, but they may not take into account your specific circumstances.  The most reliable method of determining if you have a substance use problem (and to what degree) is to complete an assessment with a substance abuse treatment professional.

What’s the First Step?

The easiest and fastest way to schedule an assessment is to contact us by phone.  Staff members are typically available during regular business hours to answer any general questions you may have and to schedule an appointment with a substance abuse counselor.

What Happens During the Assessment?

During the assessment you will meet privately with a counselor for about an hour.  It is a two-way exchange of information to help us learn more about you as an individual and for you to learn about The Recovery Center and recommended treatment options.  You and the counselor will discuss:

  • What brought you to the recovery center
  • Your current and past use of alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Your family, employment, and/or school
  • Legal problems you may have encountered
  • Other specific issues, needs, and problems you may have
  • An approach to help you find solutions

The assessment process is designed to look at each person as an individual rather than just another client.  The goal is to provide you with the most appropriate and beneficial treatment recommendations for your particular situation.