Substance Abuse Education

Substance Abuse Educational Series typically consists of 16-24 group sessions designed for individuals who have been charged with an alcohol/drug related legal offense (DUI, DWI, possession, etc.), have experienced a job or school related incident involving alcohol/drugs, or are personally concerned about their use/misuse of alcohol/drugs. Individual sessions and accelerated programs are also available under certain circumstances.

  • Approved by Fairfax County Alcohol and Safety Action Program (ASAP) and accepted by other local, state, and federal jurisdictions
  • Meets requirements of most schools/colleges and employers
  • Recommended by DUI and DWI lawyers and reckless driving attorneys as a pre-trial initiative and post-trial resolution
  • Clients are treated in a respectful and non-punitive manner, providing a meaningful experience that goes beyond just “satisfying a mandated requirement”
  • Assists individuals in coping with the ordeal and consequences of any unfortunate incident
  • Includes discussions on how alcohol/drug use affects the body, impairs judgment and decision-making, and leads to legal and social consequences
  • Provides awareness of the progression from casual/social use to abuse and addiction,  promoting self-assessment of current use behaviors
  • Client advocacy is a priority