Most, but not all, programs are based on group work with 2-4 sessions per week. Individual and family counseling may be included in an individual’s treatment plan as needed to address specific issues.

The majority of programs are offered during day and evening hours so that clients can meet responsibilities at home, work, or school.

Counselors are fully licensed and/or certified therapists with specific training and experience in the treatment of substance abuse, alcoholism, chemical dependency, and co-occurring disorders.

Single-gender (all male or all female) groups are available to address issues which may be uncomfortable for some in a mixed group setting.

These centers maintain an extensive referral system of healthcare professionals for clients needing medication or ancillary services.

In our ongoing efforts to meet client needs, recovery centers are constantly developing new and innovative treatment programs. They offer educational services on nutrition, mindfulness, and an introduction to acupuncture as part of our comprehensive approach. Please contact us if you have a particular need which is not addressed on our website.

Recovery Centers in Northern Virginia reserves the right to change program offerings at anytime.

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